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Amphibian and Reptile Database Searches

LARA is working in partnership with the Amphibian and Reptile Group of South Lancashire (ARGSL) to provide a range of services to ecological consultants and conservation oganizations.

LARA is able to undertake database search requests for those oganizations and individuals who need access to this important information.

A charge is applied to each search and the proceeds used to fund local conservation projects that benefit amphibians or reptiles.

The standard fee for a data search is £50

If you are requesting a data search on behalf of a voluntary or conservation organization, no search fee is payable.

If you are requesting a data search on behalf of yourself as a private individual, a search fee of £6 is payable.

Please ensure that you tick the relevant 'request type' box below.

A standard search is represented by a 1 km radius from the specified grid reference. Wider searches are possible, but anything over 2 km will require an additional fee - please contact us for more information.




If you have a more complicated search request (e.g. records from a wide area, or along a road or pipeline), please email us to request a cost estimate.

A LARA database search will give you:

A List of Species Observations.

A Database Search Summary.

A summary of records in digital format for use with Google Earth and other compatible GIS systems

The database search summary can be particularly useful as it identifies the closest recorded great crested newt and reptile location (even if no records exist within the immediate area of search).

The summary of records in digital format is also useful as it shows the location of species observations in relation to features on the ground.

If you would like to search the LARA database for records of amphibians or reptiles, please complete and return our

Data request form

all fields marked with * MUST be completed



Please enter the grid reference of the centre of the search area

If you have an internal reference number or purchase order that needs to appear on the invoice please enter it here

Type correct characters into box

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